Dartmouth Class of 2024 - Sticker (OUT OF STOCK) - Dirtymouth Apparel Dartmouth Class of 2024 - Sticker (OUT OF STOCK) - Dirtymouth Apparel
Dartmouth Class of 2024 - Sticker (OUT OF STOCK) - Dirtymouth Apparel Dartmouth Class of 2024 - Sticker (OUT OF STOCK) - Dirtymouth Apparel
Dartmouth Class of 2024 - Sticker (OUT OF STOCK) - Dirtymouth Apparel Dartmouth Class of 2024 - Sticker (OUT OF STOCK) - Dirtymouth Apparel
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Dirtymouth Apparel

Dartmouth Class of 2024 - Sticker (OUT OF STOCK)

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Congratulations to the worst class ever! You did it. As you stalk the Dartmouth Meme page, we're sure you're getting antsy to be on campus. You read those awkward Facebook introductions by your soon-to-be classmates who seem like they've experienced it all. And before you know it, you'll be on campus taking your first college courses. You'll wonder why everyone is talking about this "African drumming" class. You'll learn about the Dartmouth X, Dartmouth 7, and the Ledyard Challenge. You'll face the wrath of sophomore summer and recruiting. The Dartmouth D-Plan will break up friendships and form new ones. Your character will be challenged and recreated stronger. You will hear new terms like "foco", "facetimey", "robo", and "10a's". You'll be bombarded with emails and offers to join a plethora of clubs. Some of these clubs, you'll stick with for 4 years, and some you'll only go for the free food. It's an amazing place to learn who you are and what you're capable of. Come to Dartmouth with an open mind and a willingness to collaborate and learn new things.

Until then, enjoy these stickers. 

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