About Dirtymouth Apparel

Dirtymouth Apparel is a Dartmouth alumni and student-run organization aiming to maintain the tenacious spirit of Dartmouth through fantastic apparel.

Founded in 1769, Dartmouth is one of the oldest and most respected institutions of higher learning in the United States. Yet, Dartmouth is far behind in apparel. We aim to change that. 

In Moving Dartmouth Forward, we should be dressed well too. We want to bring Dartmouth to the forefront of collegiate apparel through humorous but classic designs.

Site Disclaimer:

DirtymouthApparel.com is a satire and parody brand. All apparel contained within this website and on its social media accounts, however similar to real events or brands, are satirical in nature.

Images on DirtymouthApparel.com website may consist of original photos, commissioned artwork, stock photography and creative commons photos. We have done our best to attribute the creators of such photos and artwork based on the information available to us. Use of these works does not suggests that the respective authors endorse us or our use of the work.



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