The Ledyard Challenge

The Ledyard Challenge is a streaking event in which students attempt to swim from the Ledyard Canoe Club on the New Hampshire banks of the Connecticut River to the Vermont side, and return by running naked to the same spot via the Ledyard Bridge.[53] According to The Dartmouth, this practice is "an age-old tradition"[49] and "no small number of students has done it".[54]

According to the Valley News, the tradition of the Ledyard Challenge began as follows:

As the legend goes, portrayed in a 1998 Ledyard Canoe Club newsletter, the Ledyard Challenge began under a full moon in the early 1990s, when four students swam naked across the Connecticut River. The students scurried back across the bridge and toward their clubhouse, but campus police caught two of them before they reached the safety of their clothes.[51]

On August 12, 2005, a Bulgarian exchange student from Trinity College at the Tuck School of Business named Valentin Valkov drowned in the Connecticut River, presumably attempting the Ledyard Challenge.

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