A Guide to Dartmouth Lingo and Terminology

It's no secret that Dartmouth has a unique culture with the Dartmouth 7, Dartmouth Pong, the homecoming bonfire, and flair. One of our favorite cultural aspects of Dartmouth is the Dartmouth lingo and terminology. Here is a dictionary of the Dartmouth terminology and vocabulary to get you started.

Most Common:

  • Blitz (noun) - an email sent through Dartmouth's email servers
  • Flitz (noun) - a flirty blitz
  • Foco (noun) - The 1953 Commons
  • Schmob (noun) - A group of freshmen (usually walking around looking for a party)
  • @ now (adverb) - Means "right now". E.g. "I need 1 for pong @ now"
  • Facetimey (adjective) - Someone who spends time in high traffic places to be seen by a lot of people. Usually very friendly but superficial
  • Good sam (verb) - Short for good samaritan policy. Usually used as a verb. E.g. "He needs to be good sammed"
  • HPO - Short for Hanover Police
  • S&S - Safety and Security (Dartmouth police)
  • Narp - Acronym for "non-athletic regular person". Basically anyone that's not an athlete. Or you're just derpy.
  • Prospie - A prospective student.
  • Trippie - Someone that you went on freshman trips with.
  • Warm-cut - Taking a cut through a building in the winter to avoid walking in the cold.
  • Flair - Extravagant looking clothing that you wear to events and parties. Usually bright colored and absurd. 
  • Bequest - An item that is passed down from an upperclassman. Usually happens at the end of the year in clubs or Greek organizations.


  • BEMA: Small field of grass in the woods behind East Wheelock
  • Big Kaf: The actual King Arthur Flour Cafe off campus in Norwich, VT; not the KAF in the library.
  • Blobby: Baker-Berry Lobby
  • BVAC: Black Family Visual Arts Center
  • Collis: Collis Center
  • Dark Side: The side of Foco with the long tables (right side when you walk in)
  • Dick’s House: Dartmouth College Health Service located at 7 Rope Ferry.
  • Dirt: Dirt Cowboy Café
  • FFB, 2FB, 3FB, 4FB: First-Floor Berry, Second-Floor Berry and so on. The higher you go up, the more likely you are to be shushed.
  • Foco: 1953 Commons
  • KAF: King Arthur Flour Café in Baker-Berry, which is our main library
  • Light Side: The side of Foco with the smaller round tables (left side when you walk in)
  • Robo: Robinson Hall, which is next to College. Mostly for people in DOC (Dartmouth Outing Club).
  • Rocky: Rockefeller Center
  • The Hop: The Hopkins Center
  • Top of the Hop: The upper level of the Hop


  • Drill: A mandatory session of every introductory language class. A drill instructor leads you through rapid paced speaking exercises.
  • DSP: Domestic Study Program
  • FSP: Foreign Study Program
  • LSA: Language Study Program


  • Ledyard Challenge - A challenge where you swim across the river and run back across the bridge naked. Sophomore summer is the ideal time to do it.
  • Lou's Challenge - Staying up all night until Lou's opens in the morning. Must dine in at Lou's to qualify.
  • Touch the Fire - Touch the bonfire at homecoming
  • Blue Light Challenge - Strip and run around campus pressing all of the blue light emergency buttons (there are 31).
  • Dartmouth 7 - Make passionate love at 7 specific locations.
  • Streak a final - Streaking a final exam.
  • Polar Plunge - During winter carnival, they carve open a hole in Occum Pond. You jump in.

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