Unraveling the Dartmouth Experience

Dive into The Green Chronicles, the official Dirtymouth blog, where we explore all aspects of the Dartmouth College experience. From campus life and traditions to alumni success stories and style tips, our blog offers an engaging and insightful look into the world of the Big Green community.

Unveiling Dartmouth Traditions: A Deep Dive into the Rich and Unique Customs of Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College, founded in 1769, is a prestigious Ivy League institution known for its strong sense of community, beautiful campus, and unique traditions that have been passed down through generations.The...

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Speak Like a Dartmouth Student: Your Ultimate Guide to Dartmouth's Distinct Terminology and Culture

It's no secret that Dartmouth has a unique culture with the Dartmouth 7, Dartmouth Pong, the homecoming bonfire, and flair. One of our favorite cultural aspects of Dartmouth is the...

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The Ledyard Challenge: A Legendary Dartmouth College Tradition Uncovered

The Ledyard Challenge is a storied Dartmouth College tradition, involving a daring streaking event where students embark on a thrilling adventure across the Connecticut River. This high-spirited challenge has roots...

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The Dartmouth Seven: Exploring the Intimate Tradition of Dartmouth College

The Dartmouth Seven is a unique and intimate Dartmouth College tradition that involves couples sharing a special connection at seven distinct locations across the campus. As a rite of passage...

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A Beginner's Guide to Pong at Dartmouth: How to Play Pong

Beer Pong at Dartmouth: A Beginners Guide It's not called "beer pong" at Dartmouth, it's called "pong". Freshmen and visitors: the pong you are about to experience is unlike any...

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The Story of Keggy the Keg: Dartmouth's Official Unofficial Mascot

The story of Keggy the Keg has long been forgotten and untold. This is the official story of Keggy the Keg. The Keystone Light filled mascot that is the embodiment of the...

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